SLNPV (Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus)

Sun Bio NPV contains a naturally occurring species specific virus pathogen, which infect insect. This property of the virus is utilized to control some of the serous crop pests.

Mode of action:

When the caterpillars of insect feed on virus containing plant parts, they enter into the body of insect. It multiplies in body wall, trachea, fat bodies and blood cells. They further invade the cells and multiply. Polyhedroses are formed in the cell nuclei. The polyhedral and the host nuclei enlarge in size and the infected cells are ultimately destroyed releasing the polyhedral into the body cavity. As the virus development is continuous, the insect die releasing polyhedral.

Beneficial aspects:

NPV is a species-specific virus parasite and is very effective in the management of Spodoptera litura. As these are polyphagus pests, Sun Agro NPV can be used in the managements of pests attacking cotton, grandaunt, pulses, tomato and other vegetables.

Recommended crops:

Cotton: Bollworms
Tomato: Fruit borer
Groundnut: Leaf defoliator
Pulses: Pod borer
Tobacco: Cut worm
Vegetable: Fruit borer

Dosage and method of application

Foliar spray: 100-200 ml/acre mixed the required quantity in water and Apply preferable in evening hours.

Add the following:
Jaggery 1g/litre (feeding stimulant)
Liquid soap 0.5ml/litre (sticking agent)
Fabric whitener. 1.0 ml/ liter- UV Protectant.

For best results apply Sun Agro S-NPV when larvae are in the early stages.

Product profile

Liquid formulation containing a minimum of 1x10 9 POB (Polyhedral occluded bodies or viral particular)


Keep in cool & dry place


100ml 200ml Poly bottles.