Our neem cake consist of 5% Nitrogen, 1% phosphorous, 0.80% potassium and the azadirachtin content is 750-1000 ppm. It also consists of fractions of Fe, Ca, Mg, Zn and many more. It is the residue left after neem oil extraction from from neem seeds. Being an excellent organic fertilizer it combines NPK, and has micronutrients with pesticidal action. It consist of high nitrogen content of 5% and azadirachtin content of 700ppm, that makes it very popular among the organic farmers and is highly effective against soil borne pests such as nematodes.


  • Azadirachtin - 700 ppm
  • Oil content - 6%
  • Nitrogen - 5%
  • P - 0.80%
  • Macro,Micronutrients


  • 200 kgs to 300 kgs per hectare
  • 1 kg for plots of 15 sq. mts
  • 150 to 300 lbs per acre
  • 2 lb for plots of 150 sq.ft

An organic fertilizer it combines basic NPK and micronutrients and constitute 6% oil content that enables pesticidal action against soil borne pests. Being a growth promoter of fungi such as trichoderma it provides benefit to the plants. As per the studies it is concluded that it helps in 20-25% urea / nitrogen saving coupled with improved yields.

Neem Cake as a nitrification inhibitor:

It can be combined with any nitrogenous fertilizer for better results and urea to prevent the loss of nitrogen due to leaching & microbial action. It helps in saving 20-25% nitrogen and also enhances the plant growth.