Bio Growth

Bio -growth is a blend of seaweed extracts and humates. Both are natural products of nature. Both are environmentally safe, nontoxic and nonpolluting. Humates were formed from plant and animal remains over millions of years. Seaweeds are grown in nonpolluting areas and supply many substances not found in hnmates.

A) Seaweed extracts:

  • The bio-active substances were extracted from seaweed by an advance biochemical process.
  • Chemical analysis showed that the seaweed extracts contain major plant regulators e.g., cytokinins, gibberellins, indoles etc. The extracts also contain wide range carbonhydrates including polyphenols, mannitol, unsaturated fatty acids, amino-acids, alga polysaccharides, alginic acids and chelated mineral elements e.g. Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, Ca, B, K, Mo, I etc.
  • The plant regulators were determined by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatograph).
  • The organic components were determined by IR spectrum.
  • The content of toxic metals e.g. As, Pb, Hg, Cd etc is much lower then the national standard.
  • Since seaweed substances are derived from living materials, the micro-nutritions of seaweed is quite different from that of humates.

B) Humates:

Humates are recognized for their humic acids namely humic, fulvic and ulmic. Humic acid is known as a strong chelating agent. Fulvic and ulmic acid are known for their influence on cell division and especially root development. Both fulvic type constituents and individual biochemical humate compounds are involved in the movement of micro-nutrition to plant roots.

Organic colloids exhibit buffering over a wide range of PH. The elemental content of humics substances is different from that of seaweed. Humic and fulvic acids have strong metal ion binding capabilities not found in seaweed. Fulvic acids are the most efficient in complex metals. Humic acids function as a "sink" for polyvalent cations. The advantage of blends of seaweed extracts and humates are that they are very compatible and compliment each other in their influence on plant growth and development. All kinds of plant are sensitive to five periods: seed germination or cultivar rooting; transplanting; leaf development or flush; bud development and flowering or fruiting. bio- growth provides stress protection at all five of these stages. The prime objective of bio- growth use is to maximize healthy photosyntheses throughout the plant life cycle.

Main Functions

  • Conditions the physiological enginery of crops Increases the ability of stress tolerance including to insects, coldness and drought
  • Improves qualities (appearance, sugar content, taste and longer Shield life)
  • Improves soil structure, increase the usage rate of fertilizer and water
  • Increases crop yields

Directions for use:

Bio- growth natural seaweed fertilizer can be applied as seed pre-treatment, plant spraying (foliar spray) and irrigation. It stimulates seed germination, flower blooming and fruit development of vegetables, fruit tree, tee tree and flowers etc.

Environmental Information:

Bio -growth is environmentally safe and completely non-toxic to human, animals and fish.


1½ ml per lit for spraying for any crop.