Hi Nitro

It is Protein rich material having organic carbon 45 to 50%. It contains 7-10% Nitrogen, Phosphers 4 -5% and 2-3% Potash and other essential secondary nutrients and micronutrients. Exported to 18 countries for Organic cultivation. We at Bio Organic Industries, scientifically serve the emerging need of the day – Bio Organic Farming.

Analysis Report of High Nitro

Hi Nitro: 'totally natural, totally nourishing'

Among organic manures hi nitro is one of the most versatile and perfectly suited for a vide variety of applications. It is product derived from castor, Karanj and some other non edible seeds. Hi nitro is residue obtained after solvent extraction of castor, Karanj and other some non edible cake. It is thus wholly natural, organic manure richly endowed with the big elements – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in ideal percentage of n-7to8 %, phosp-5 % and k – 3 % (approximately) essential for plant growth. Hinitro is further self – fortified with traces of natural secondary and micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, ferrous. It is very rich in organic carbon. Users not only in India but in east far, Middle East, Japan, France, Germany and Italy testify to its quality, efficacy and cost advantage.

Builds strength into soil, steadily:

hi nitro contains nitrogen in the form of proteins. This is consumed by soil microbes which, like any living organisms, have nutritional requirements to thrive and to reproduce. The microbes which have been rendered inactive by the continuous use of chemical fertilizers now become highly active and multiply rapidly. Because of their short life span, there follows and endless cycle of reproduction and death through decomposition, which results in a constant presence of nutrient material. The soil thus gets progressively energized and enriched and also maintains its physic – chemical properties.

Flower beds bloom:

Hinitro makes every garden, flower in vivid colour through a two fold action: (a) poor and coarse earth is transformed in retained and living soil generously endowed with pores, stimulating root growth. The well supported biological equilibrium keeps pathogenic organisms I check. (b) Uniform flow of organic nutrients provides all the important building materials to the garden plants in the correct proportion. It neutralizes damage due to over-fertilization and prevents over saltification of the soil.

Roses sprout rosy cheeks:

Hi nitro is the ideal fertilizer for rose. - The noblest among garden flowers – which relishes a deep, active salt free soil. The smooth and gradual flow of nutrients the shock effect of high , one sided nutrients , stimulates friability promoting soil organisms , leads to formation stable soil crumbs and increases the humus contents of the soil. The sensitive rose finds a welcome ally in this pure and organic fertilizer.

Lawn turn lush:

Hi nitro is strongly recommended for lawns, too. It can be sprinkled easily over a wide area. It has a quick and persistent action without causing any scorching and weedy growth as observed in farm yard manure. A very large no of pores are created under the grass roots, which improves water retaining power. The enhanced moisture level helps to promote thick, strong growth of grass with even greenness.

Fruit and vegetables grow truly nutritious:

Hi nitro is free chemical substances and therefore the best eco- friendly fertilizer for growing fruits and vegetables bountifully endowed with juices, vitamins and minerals. Fruit plantations which suffer from symptoms of fatigue become fresh and lively, and produce a bumper crop regularly. Well matured sprouts, high yields and durable fruit testify to the favorable effects of this organic fertilizer.

And commercial crops yield more:

Hi nitro provides a strong growth stimulus to plantation crop like tea, coffee, rubber, coconut and tree spices because the develop enough roots to maintain a healthy life. Sugarcane yields more with good sugar recovery. Quality of potato and garden crops like ginger turmeric etc is enhanced. Generally, these living perennial crops grow in sick soil and persistently produce low yields of poor quality. Hinitro radically improves the physico-chemical properties of soil, resist soil erosion and increases water holding capacity. Thus, growth gets a tremendous boost.

Unique features of hi nitro

  • Virtually oil free: hi nitro is product of solvent extraction, during which oil is thoroughly extracted from castor, Karanj and other some non edible cakes. The removal of oil enriches hi nitro by proportionately enhancing the nutritional (n, p & k). Oil has no nutritional role to play.
  • Most conductive to soil health: Hi nitro is enriched organic manure, specially processed and free from artificial toxins and chemicals. besides the big three (n, p & k) , it contains secondary and micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, ferrous which are helpful in preserving and nourishing the soil . It is therefore preferred over chemical fertilizers whose injudicious use harms the soil in the long run.
  • Further enrichment possible for special needs: Hi nitro can be provided with an increased proportion of other micronutrients in order to cater to specific requirements of particular regions or crops. Such enrichments help to rejuvenate depleted soil to grow better crops even from adverse soil conditions. it is particularly indispensable for growing crops in alkaline and acidic soils.
  • Retains precious moisture: Hi nitro, unlike chemical fertilizer, acts to preserve moisture even in sandy soils and improves aeration of clayey soils.
  • Improves physical characteristics of soil: Hi nitro in powder form penetrates easily into the soil and thereby becomes readily available to the crop roots. By promoting the formation of humus, it improves the physical characteristics of the soil, leading to substantially higher crop yields.
  • Acts as an insecticide: Hi nitro depresses the activity of termites as well as other harmful insects and thus has the effect of potent insecticide.
  • And a soil Nematocide: Hi nitro rich in karanjin, recinine and other some highly stable proteins which are direct precursor of nicotin , nicotinic acids and some other organic acids . These properties serve to be effective against the large no of nematode species present in the root zones of perennial crops like tea, coffee, grapes and citrus and in soil having continuous cropping like sugarcane, tobacco, potato and vegetables.

Composition and function

  • Essential for vigorous growth of plant and for development of living tissues, plant proteins and chlorophyll formation.
  • Stimulates formation and development of roots, flowering, hastens fruit maturity and seed formation.
  • Counteracts adverse effect of heavy application of nitrogen and phosphates.
  • Aids in protein production. Induces increased vigour and resistance to plant diseases.
  • Helps the formation of sugar and starch. Improves quality of fruits and vegetables. Helps in formation of growth hormones and to regulate flowering.
  • Activates enzymes which are essential for healthy growth. Promotes carbon assimilation, nitrogen metabolism and photosynthetic activity.
  • Plays an important role in carbon assimilation since it is concentrated in the chlorophyll of the leaf. Deoiled cake having a minute proportion of oil helps to improve the aeration in black soils having water logging conditions.