High NPK

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Due to lack of genuine organic materials containing high essential nutrients for crops, farmers depend on chemical fertilizers (inorganic fertilizers) for supply of micronutrients (Zn, Fe , Cu, Mn, B and Mo). Traditional organic manures like FYM and compost, though have their own importance but the content of the entire essential nutrients particularly primary nutrients per kg basis is very low to meet the crop needs. Fertilizer value is judged in terms of nutrient content and their form in the fertilizer and manures besides other components beneficial for soil productivity.

Lack of availability of genuine organic manures rich in essential nutrients at reasonable price is the major hurdle for organic cultivation; on the other hand market for organic produce is growing day by day.

Keeping all this in view we have developed an organic product ‘High N+P+K’ containing all the essential nutrients. Besides high content of primary (NPK) nutrients, ‘High N+P+K’ also contains secondary nutrients and micronutrients in sufficient amount with high content of organic matter.

We ensure availability of ‘High N+P+K’ at reasonable and competitive price with purity, delivery at your doorstep in proper packing.

Benefits and specialty of ‘High N+P+K’

  • High content of N, P and K in organic form and reduces the dependency on chemical fertilizers (N–5%, P–10% and K–8% approximate).
  • Contains about 15% organic carbon.
  • Being 100% organic it improves the fertility and the productivity of the soil.
  • Besides high amounts of NPK, it also contains secondary (Ca, Mg, S) and micronutrients (Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B and Mo) for better plant growth. By use of ‘High N+P+K’, increases the chlorophyll content luster, taste and keeping quality of the produce /vegetables and fruits.
  • Use of ‘High N+P+K’ makes the soil loose and friable and improves the infiltration rate.
  • Helps in maintaining the soil pH and increases the root growth.
  • The nutrients being in organic form are less subjected to losses. The losses of nitrogen by volatilization (gaseous) and leaching are minimum. Likewise fixation of P and K in, the soil is reduced greatly, thereby making these nutrients available to crop plants over longer duration.
  • When applied with chemical phosphatic fertilizers, the fixation of P is reduced.
  • Available in both powder and pellet form.
  • Other constituents of ‘High N+P+K’ have insecticidal properties hence its use protects the roots from nematodes and other insects.
  • ‘High N+P+K’ is guaranteed pure organic fertilizer.

Benefits of ‘High N+P+K’ for microorganisms in soil

  • High NPK and organic carbon content (about 15%) content helps in increasing microbial population at a faster rate.
  • Low C: N ration ensures mineralization and hence availability of N.
  • By the use with biofertilizer increases the microbial number and activity in soil.

Analysis of High NPK - 1   l   Analysis of High NPK - 2   l  
Analysis of High NPK - 3   l   Analysis of High NPK - 4   l